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These instructions may help with troubleshooting activation by removing all Office license files from your Mac. For example, if you previously installed a one-time purchase of Office for Mac and have switched to Office 365, you may not be seeing subscription features because your copy of Office is still using your old license. One-time Office licenses (also known as perpetual), such as Office 2019 Home & Business, Office 2019 Home & Student, Office 2016 Home & Business, Office 2016 Home & Student, and Volume License are not compatible with Office apps downloaded from the Mac App Store. These licenses can only be used with Office apps downloaded directly from Microsoft.


Sorry to say but i think you will find that O365 will end up being cheaper if you are having office on both the Mac OS and the Win OS for each person. O365 should give each user up to 5 machines covering both (depending on version). Buying any type of VL or Retail will cost about $200 for most recent version of Win or Mac H&B (VL will be more). So if you provide each person two copies it will be $400.

How long will you stay on that Version? Office for Mac is 2011 and will probably have a new release soon. If you want to be on the most current then O365 hands down will be cheaper.

You will need to look at how long before you would have to upgrade each of the office products. Not to mention for Retail having licensing limitations.

I do not know what the Government option will provide as a price compared to VL and O365.


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Microsoft License Center

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This topic describes how to deploy Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac manually. A successful deployment requires the completion of all of the following steps:

Prerequisites and system requirements

Before you get started, see the main Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac page for a description of prerequisites and system requirements for the current software version. Microsoft office 2016 破解 mac.

Download installation and onboarding packages

Download the installation and onboarding packages from Microsoft Defender Security Center:

  1. In Microsoft Defender Security Center, go to Settings > Machine Management > Onboarding.

  2. In Section 1 of the page, set operating system to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android and Deployment method to Local script.

  3. In Section 2 of the page, select Download installation package. Save it as wdav.pkg to a local directory.

  4. In Section 2 of the page, select Download onboarding package. Save it as to the same directory.

  5. From a command prompt, verify that you have the two files.Extract the contents of the .zip files:

Application installation

To complete this process, you must have admin privileges on the machine.

  1. Navigate to the downloaded wdav.pkg in Finder and open it.

  2. Select Continue, agree with the License terms, and enter the password when prompted.

    2016-2-5  Microsoft used to offer a federal discount way back through the HUP. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official. CserebogarDuckworth Created on February 4, 2016. Federal Gov't employee discount Microsoft used to offer a. Federal employee discount on microsoft office for mac. 2020-4-5  The Microsoft Home Use Program allows employees at eligible companies to buy Microsoft products–Office 365 Home or Personal, select Surface devices and accessories, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – at a special discount. The Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP) is a benefit available to Microsoft customers with active Software Assurance coverage on their Office applications. Federal government employees who use the covered licenses at work are eligible to purchase these Office applications for just $9.95 to use on a personal device during the term of their employment.


    You will be prompted to allow a driver from Microsoft to be installed (either 'System Extension Blocked' or 'Installation is on hold' or both. The driver must be allowed to be installed.

  3. Select Open Security Preferences or Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Select Allow:

The installation proceeds.


If you don't select Allow, the installation will proceed after 5 minutes. Defender ATP will be loaded, but some features, such as real-time protection, will be disabled. See Troubleshoot kernel extension issues for information on how to resolve this.



macOS may request to reboot the machine upon the first installation of Microsoft Defender. Real-time protection will not be available until the machine is rebooted.

Client configuration

  1. Copy wdav.pkg and to the machine where you deploy Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac.

    The client machine is not associated with orgId. Note that the orgId attribute is blank.

  2. Run the Python script to install the configuration file:

  3. Verify that the machine is now associated with your organization and reports a valid orgId:

After installation, you'll see the Microsoft Defender icon in the macOS status bar in the top-right corner.

How to Allow Full Disk Access


macOS 10.15 (Catalina) contains new security and privacy enhancements. Beginning with this version, by default, applications are not able to access certain locations on disk (such as Documents, Downloads, Desktop, etc.) without explicit consent. In the absence of this consent, Microsoft Defender ATP is not able to fully protect your device.

To grant consent, open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Full Disk Access. Click the lock icon to make changes (bottom of the dialog box). Select Microsoft Defender ATP.

Logging installation issues

See Logging installation issues for more information on how to find the automatically generated log that is created by the installer when an error occurs.

Microsoft Volume License Center


See Uninstalling for details on how to remove Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac from client devices.