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Office category page Microsoft Download Center. This is your 365. Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.7.7 Update. A security vulnerability exists in Microsoft Office 2010 32-Bit Edition that could allow arbitrary code to run when a maliciously modified file is opened. This update resolves that vulnerability. 2017-1-25  Install Office 2008 Trial Version. To test the trial version of Office for Mac 2008, you can download the trial and test out Office 2008 for 30 days free.

Another application that was hosted for free download by Digital River is Microsoft Office 2008 for Macintosh. Just as everything else, the Office 2008 downloads have been pulled also. If you need the installation files, chances are slim, but a few options remain.

In addition, and other compliance tasks for administrators.OS X Yosemite supportIn the last two years Apple has released three new versions of OS X: Mountain Lion, Mavericks and just last week Yosemite. The option to store conversation history in Exchange, as well as locally, and a new Conversation History tab in the Lync for Mac client, shown below. Microsoft lync mac os x yosemite 10 11 4. With this update, we’ve added two things to improve conversation history for both Mac users and company administrators. Using Exchange allows us to propagate a user’s conversation history across multiple devices; enabling, for example, a person with more than one Mac to revisit all their conversations on either Mac—rather than seeing only the local conversations.

Important Note February 2015

Microsoft has taken down all previous and current download servers (,, and! At this point it is unlikely that the downloads will ever come back.

Office 365 Home Download

Microsoft might send out a replacement for broken office installation CDs. A small handling fee applies to this service.

Purchase an Office 2008 Activation Key

Alternatively, you can purchase a new copy of Office 2008. As this is quite an old version now, the software is very affordable. Of course, you may use any existing product key to activate Office 2008 on a second device. Here are some purchase options (eBay / Amazon). Please also check the purchase links on the Office 2011 Direct Download Links page. It could be significantly easier to find a license for Office 2011 at a good price.

Former direct download links, only for reference

The following table is provided for reference only, so that you know which file name is which Office version, in case you find some of the files from an alternative download source. The downloads in this table are no longer working.

LanguageOffice 2008Business Edition Extras
Danish (Denmark)X16-29322.iso (SP2)
X16-03808.iso (SP2)
Dutch (Netherlands)X16-03639.iso (SP2)
X16-03809.iso (SP2)
English (USA)X15-70692.iso (old SP1)
X16-17293.iso (new SP2)
X16-03807.iso (SP2)
Finnish (Finland)X16-29325.iso (SP2)
French (France)X15-26322.iso (SP1)
X15-26322.dmg (SP1)
X16-03813.iso (SP2)
German (Germany)X15-26323.iso (old SP1)
X16-03644.iso (new SP2)
X16-03814.iso (SP2)
Italian (Italy)X16-03645.iso (SP2)
X16-03815.iso (SP2)
Japanese (Japan)X16-03641.iso (SP2)
X16-03816.iso (SP2)
Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway)X16-29321.iso (SP2)
X16-03811.iso (SP2)
Spanish (Spain)X16-17296.iso (SP2)
X16-03812.iso (SP2)
Swedish (Sweden)X16-29326.iso (SP2)
X16-03817.iso (SP2)

Microsoft Office 2016 free trial version lets you evaluate the software before buying. You can now evaluate MS office 2016 software for free.

One may not easily fathom the differences between Office 2016 and other earlier versions. This free trial version of Microsoft Office 2016 has Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook as the major constituents. In addition to this, OneNote, Microsoft Access and Publisher are available. It is very difficult for one to decipher the difference between them and the ones constituent in earlier versions.

In our previous post, we shared the cost breakdown of Office 2016. Before we share the link to download Microsoft Office 2016 free trial, let’s show you some of the features that make this software stands out.

  • 1 Microsoft office 2016 Free Trial – Features you will love.
    • 1.1 Microsoft office 2016 – What’s New?

In Microsoft Office 2016, two or more users can co-author a document simultaneously without altering anything. You can work at the same time with your co-workers in PowerPoint, Excel and Word files that you save on the OneDrive or SharePoint. You can do this without overwriting the changes made by the other person in real-time typing.

Office 2016 allows you to share your documents in a simplified manner either the Microsoft Office 2016 free trial or the premium version. This is possible through the share button in the ribbon. With this feature, you can share the access to your documents with your team members and colleagues.

The OneDrive available in Microsoft Office 2016 allows users to send large files. Outlook can be converted into links automatically and is clickable for download.

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Microsoft office 2016 – What’s New?

The launch of Office 2016 heralded Office 365. A new feature that is known as “groups” is available in Microsoft Outlook 2016. This allows easy and simplified sharing of the inbox, Calendar files and other Outlook files among members of the group.

Another amazing feature in the Microsoft office 2016 is the new chart types functionalities. A fresh bunch of new charts have been added in Office 2016. This feature is available in the Microsoft Office 2016 free trial as well. They assist users in the financial visualization job in excel. It is also helpful in the hierarchical data collection. New charts such as Treemap, Waterfall, Pareto, Sunburst, Box and whisker are all available on Microsoft Word 2016, Microsoft Excel 2016 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

There is a fresh welcome development for Excel experts. With one click, users can now forecast conclusions and deductions from available data. This new feature is very helpful in excel charts as users can make predictions with just a single click of the mouse. The industry standard exponential smoothing algorithms are used in the process of forecasting.

Microsoft Office 2008 Mac Download Trial Version

You can easily integrate Skype into Office 2016. This is a fresh feature that allows users to make Skype calls. This is done right from the confines of the word of excel. The instant messaging, video calls, screen sharing as well as audio calls are all achieved without upgrading leaving the cutting short your workflow. Note that these features are also in the Microsoft Office 2016 free trial version. All the features are complete in the free trial version.

Is it worth the pricing?

This is a question that remains in the minds of many potential users. You as the user can enjoy all the juicy functionalities only if you subscribe to Office 365. Subscription to office 365 is very pertinent as it gives room for easy sharing and networking with colleagues and coworkers.

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Download Microsoft Office 2016 free trial version.

For users who are not capable to purchase the paid version, the free trial version of Microsoft Office 2016 is the best option for any such user. Microsoft offers 90 days free trial period and all the functionalities are intact. You can cancel the free trial anytime and upgrade to paid version.

  1. To download the Microsoft Office 2016 free trial version, simply create a Microsoft account or sign in if already registered.
  2. Proceed to download by clicking the link
  3. Select your country
  4. Below that you will see “try 1-Month Free” button. Click it.
  5. You will be directed to a page where you will be required to provide your payment details. Your downloading will start immediately. Go ahead and install after complete downloading.


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