Microsoft Word Shortcut Insert Footnote On Mac

Microsoft Word Shortcut Insert Footnote On Mac
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The built-in keyboard shortcut to insert an equation in Word 2011 is Control+=, which also works in the beta. Actually, the keystroke is assigned to the EquationToggle command, but it actually serves to insert a new equation. If you want to create a custom keystroke, use the instructions in Word Help on the subject. To use these shortcuts, you may have to change your Mac keyboard settings to change the Show Desktop shortcut for the key. Arrow Left: Move one character to the left: Arrow Right: Move one character to the right: Option + Arrow Left: Move one word to the left: Option + Arrow Right: Move one word to the right ⌘ + Arrow Up: Move one paragraph up ⌘ + Arrow Down. Insert a footnote Creating footnotes is one method of creating side notes on your work or adding works sited. This shortcut will add a superscripted number at the location of your cursor, and the same number (with an editable description) will be found at the bottom of the page you are working on.

Word Insert Footnote Shortcut Mac

May 05, 2013  When you have finished entering the footnote text, scroll up to the main body of text and you will be able to see the number referencing your footnote. That is how to insert footnote in Word. I use keyboard shortcuts to insert EndNote ciations. For intsnace, using word 2013 i'd hit ALT+Y+C+C and Endnote FInd & Insert windows would pop up. However, thigns changed with word 2016, now it requires hitting ALT Y1 Y1 C to open the same window, and the problem is that somehow the hotkeys change.


Keyboard Shortcuts On Microsoft Word

Both footnotes and endnotes in Word 2016 contain bonus information, a clarification, or an aside to supplement text on a page. Each is marked by a superscripted number or letter in the text1.

1 See? It works!

The difference between a footnote and an endnote is in the placement: A footnote appears on the bottom of the page and an endnote appears at the end of a document. Otherwise, both references are created in a similar way:

How To Insert Footnote

  1. Click the mouse so that the insertion pointer is to the immediate right of a word or text that you want the footnote or endnote to reference.

    There’s no need to type the note’s number; it’s done automatically.

  2. Click the References tab.

  3. From the Footnotes group, choose either the Insert Footnote or Insert Endnote command button.

    A superscripted number is inserted into the text, and you’re instantly whisked to the bottom of the page (footnote) or the end of the document (endnote).

  4. Type the footnote or endnote.

  5. To return to where you were in the document, press Shift+F5.

    The Shift+F5 keyboard shortcut returns to the previous spot in your document where you were editing.

Here are some footnote endnote notes:


Insert Footnote Shortcut Mac Word

  • The keyboard shortcut for inserting a footnote is Alt+Ctrl+F.

  • The keyboard shortcut for inserting an endnote is Atl+Ctrl+D.

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  • If you’re curious, you’ll want to know that the keyboard shortcut Alt+Ctrl+E enables and disables Word’s Revision Marks feature.

  • The footnote and endnote numbers are updated automatically so that all footnotes and endnotes are sequential in your document.

  • To browse footnotes and endnotes, click the References tab. In the Footnotes group, use the Next Footnote button’s menu to browse between footnote and endnote references.

  • You can preview a footnote’s or endnote’s contents by hovering the mouse pointer at the superscripted number in the document’s text.

  • Use the Show Notes button (References tab, Footnotes group) to examine footnotes or endnotes as they appear on the page.

  • To delete a footnote or an endnote, highlight its reference number in the text and press the Delete key. Word magically renumbers any remaining footnotes or endnotes.

  • To convert a footnote to an endnote, right-click the footnote’s text at the bottom of the page. Choose the command Convert to Endnote. Likewise, you can convert endnotes to footnotes by right-clicking the endnote text and choosing the command Convert to Footnote.

  • For additional control over footnotes and endnotes, click the dialog box launcher button in the Footnotes group. Use the Footnote and Endnote dialog box to customize the reference text location, format, starting number, and other options.