Mac Microsoft Word Unhappy Spinning


Jan 15, 2010  I just got my imac 21.5 a week ago, and now already a problem. It was working fine until now. Serial key microsoft office 2007. I have been copying and pasting pictures and avatars from forums onto Microsoft office (office mac 2008). Microsoft error reporting mac mojave. And tonight I got the dreadful color spinning wheel when I tried to copy more. I wouldn't go. Question: Q: Spinning Wheel in Word and Excel Over the last couple of days when I use Microsoft Word or Excel, I get the spinning wheel of death for a minute or so when opening, clicking on or editing a document/spreadsheet. Nov 16, 2016  Why do I get the spinning ball when saving (Word for Mac)? Why do I get the spinning beach ball twice upon each save in a word document, which are about 4 seconds apart from each beach ball spin? Actually, it may have started after updating software to 'macOS Sierra Version 10.12.1.' Aug 29, 2009 My macbook has a spinning wheel and it seems my word document is frozen, how I can I exit without losing my data - Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

Mac Microsoft Word Unhappy Spinning Wheel

New MAC Pro. OS X 10.9. app - MS Word for MAC. Spinning wheel every few minutes, all morning, while attempting to edit 20 pp doc. After researching problem: Checked activity utility, no apparent problems, except Word not responding. Plenty of disk space, memory, etc. Closed all other apps (except Webroot). Using only styles to format. Before today, performance seemed to be getting sluggish. My first Apple computer. Blech! It's touchy and difficult, plus I don't know my way around very well. I only changed to MAC because I couldn't tolerate Win 8 -- what have I done?? More important, what can I do to fix this? What do I need to know to prevent it happening again?