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Change the text size of the sidebar, message list, and reading pane (*This feature requires macOS 10.11 and later.)

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You now have the ability to increase the display size of the sidebar (1), mail list (2), and reading pane (3) text.

  1. Go to Outlook > Preferences > Fonts.

  2. Move the slider left or right.

  1. If you've already set your Microsoft Windows display language to be the language you want Office to display in you can leave this set to Match Microsoft Windows. Otherwise select your language and click Set as Default to move that language to the top of the list. The language that is listed first is the one Office will use for its menus and buttons.
  2. One solution for you and your family across all your devices. Includes premium Office apps for up to 6 users on PC or Mac. One solution for you across all your devices. Includes premium Office apps for 1 user on PC or Mac.

The Outlook Profile Manager (previously called the Microsoft Database Utility) is installed as part of your Office installation, and it allows you to create new profiles, edit or delete profiles, and set your default profile. When you open Outlook, it always uses the default profile. Deploy and configure the new OneDrive sync app for Mac. 2/27/2020; 5 minutes to read +2; In this article. This article is for IT administrators managing OneDrive settings in work or school environments. If you're not an IT administrator, read Get started with the new OneDrive sync app on Mac OS X.

Change the font size temporarily for messages

To temporarily increase or decrease the font size of messages:

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  1. Select a message from your Inbox or other folder, including Sent and Drafts.

  2. Select Format > Increase Font Size or Decrease Font Size.

    The changes will be applied to all mail in the selected folder, or subfolder. However, if you navigate to a mail in another folder or subfolder, you will lose your changes. For a more permanent solution to change the font size, you can change the text size of the sidebar, message list, and reading pane and change the font size of incoming or outgoing messages.

Note: Incoming HTML messages often have font styles and font sizes applied to the text. The default font and font sizes that you select will not affect the formatting of these incoming messages.

Choose a default font

To change the default font for incoming and outgoing messages:

  1. Select Outlook > Preferences > Fonts.

  2. In the Default fonts for composing messages section click the Font button next to the composition style you want to edit. For example, click Font next to New mail to select a default font for new messages, or next to Reply or forward to set a font for outgoing messages.

  3. On the Font tab, choose the default Font, Font style, Size, Color & Underline, and Effects.

    Select Display from the listing at the left. Microsoft word mac paragraph. In the section titled 'Always show these formatting marks on thescreen', check or uncheck the appropriate boxes to view the marks ofyour choice.

  4. On the Advanced tab, adjust default character spacing and typography.

  5. Click OK to save the changes.

  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each composition style you want to edit.

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Change the text size when composing an email

You can make your text larger or smaller when composing an email message. This is a temporary setting that's only used during the compose phase. The font returns to its default size once you send the message.

  1. Place the cursor in the body of the email message you're composing.

  2. Select Format > Zoom.

  3. Select a zoom percentage or enter a custom percent.

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