Why Is Microsoft Access Not Available For Mac


In this tutorial, we will guide you how to run Microsoft access on a mac.

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  2. Not to disparage Jim's suggestion, but I doubt Access will be produced for the Mac regardless of demand or how nicely you ask:-) Access is heavily dependent on ActiveX Controls which is a Windows-only technology. Without it Access Forms & Reports would be nonexistent as would other core elements of the program.

If you want to run any Microsoft application in a mac environment, you will first have to install a third party application called Cross Over. You can download it from codeweavers.com. Once you have downloaded it, we will teach you how to install Microsoft access on a Mac.

Apr 03, 2018 There is no MS-Access designed for the Mac OS, however if you still wish to proceed then you can either Boot Camp your Hard drive with both Windows and Mac OS where you can install MS-Access in Windows and use it on your Mac or buy a copy of Windows Parallel and run it along with your Mac OS.

Step 1 – Go to downloads

For this tutorial, we have already downloaded cross over from the website. Now let’s go to the “downloads” folder and start installing the application.

Step 2 – Open installation Wizard

Why Is There No Microsoft Access For Mac

Once you have double clicked on the installation file, a pop up window will appear. Click on Open to start the installation wizard.

Step 3 – Go to Applications

With that done, it will ask you to move the file to the Application Folder.

Step 4 – Crossover installation completed

Mac os x microsoft office versions

With that done you will be required to type in the password and click Ok to continue with the process. And that’s it. Now Crossover has been installed in mac.

Step 5 – Install Windows Software

Once the crossover welcome screen appears on the screen, click on the” Install Windows Software” option.

Step 6 – Choose installer file

With that done, the crossover software installer window will open up. Over there, click on the select an installer tab. In the next window, select the “choose Installer file” option.

Step 7 – Use this installer

Now you will be required to locate the directory where the office setup.exe file is placed. With that done, click on the “use this installer” button.

Step 8 – Proceed with installation

Now we will be taken to the previous window. Here you will notice at the top, that the selected setup.exe file will be selected. Click on Proceed located below to continue with the installation of Microsoft access on Mac.

Why Is Microsoft Access Not Available For Mac Pro

Step 9 – Installation will begin


Now we will be required to choose the application we want to install. Over here, let’s choose Microsoft access and click on the install button to continue with the process.

With that done, the installation will start automatically.

Step 10 – Enter product key

Why Is Microsoft Access Not Available For Mac Free

Now you will see the Microsoft installation window appearing on the screen. Over here, enter the product key and click on continue. Once you enter valid product key the green check mark will be appear. Next, accept the license agreement in order to continue with the process of installing Microsoft Access on mac.

Step 11 – Click on customize

Now since we need to install Microsoft access only, let’s click on the customize button.

Why Is Microsoft Access Not Available For Mac Computer

Step 12 – Choose Ms Access

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Here, we will only select Microsoft Access and uncheck other office tools and features. With that done, let’s click on the install now button.

Step 13 – Installation completed

Why Isn't Microsoft Access On Mac

With the installation completed, you can simply double click on Microsoft access and the application will open up in your mac environment. And that’s it.