Microsoft Teams Mac Review


Microsoft Teams was implemented across our entire organization but then used for individuals teams and departments. Microsoft Teams provides a one-stop-shop/'landing spot' for members of a team to share valuable information, documents and keep track of each others' progress on critical projects. Mar 31, 2017 Microsoft Teams review: Serious competition for Slack and HipChat. Or in the Teams apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft Teams is serious competition for. Microsoft Teams and Teamviewer both have limitations that are important to consider. Microsoft Teams lacks multiple screen share, and loses some utility for businesses that don’t use Microsoft Office. Teamviewer is a resource intensive program that has a limit. Microsoft Teams and Teamviewer both have limitations that are important to consider. Microsoft Teams lacks multiple screen share, and loses some utility for businesses that don’t use Microsoft Office. Teamviewer is a resource intensive program that has a limit on the number of devices an account can manage.

  • Build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and connect with colleagues when you get Office 365 – which includes Microsoft Teams and is free for your entire school. Simply verify that you are an accredited academic institution to get started. Improve classroom.
  • T58A for Microsoft Teams $329.00 An Android-based Microsoft Teams or Skype for business desk phone for knowledge workers and executive rooms, offering great flexibility.
  • Microsoft Teams puts Microsoft back on the ‘must-have’ software map, and could become the bridge the connects the old world with the new world. Unlike past product offerings, Microsoft Teams has made it easy to integrate newer (non-Microsoft) apps side-by-side with trusted enterprise apps like Office365 and SharePoint.

There are three types of log files automatically produced by the client that can be leveraged to assist in troubleshooting Microsoft Teams.

  • Debug logs

  • Media logs

  • Desktop logs

When creating a support request with Microsoft Support, the support engineer will require the debug logs. Having these logs on hand before creating the support request will allow Microsoft to quickly start troubleshooting the problem. Media or desktop logs are only required if requested by Microsoft.

The following table outlines the various clients, and their associated logs. Log files are stored in locations specific to the client and operating system.

Microsoft Teams Mac Review

For a complete list of supported operating systems and browsers, see Get clients for Microsoft Teams.

Debug logs

These are the most common logs and are required for all Microsoft support cases. Debug logs are produced by the Windows and Mac desktop clients, as well as browser based clients. The logs are text based and are read from the bottom up. They can be read using any text based editor and new logs are created when logging into the client.

Debug logs show the following data flows:

  • Login

  • Connection requests to middle tier services

  • Call/conversation

    Unlike Microsoft Publisher for Mac, Swift Publisher makes full use of programmatic automation. For example, calendars and maps can be added in a snap to show timelines and directions. Contacts can be merged from Apple’s address book to output names. New QR codes can be created to guide users to where you want them to go. Microsoft office publisher for mac. Office 365 customers get the new Office for Mac first. You’ll have Office applications on your Mac or PC, apps on tablets and smartphones for when you're on the. Microsoft has never released Publisher on Mac but here we’ve looked at the best alternatives to Publisher for Mac to do desktop publishing on macOS. MS Publisher is different from Microsoft Word because it focuses more on Desktop Publishing (DTP) than word processing software. The apps featured here are suitable for creating all types of print and online publications including newsletters.

The debug logs are produced using the following OS specific methods:

  • Windows:

    Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 1

  • Mac OSX:

    Keyboard shortcut: Option + Command + Shift+1

The debug logs are automatically downloaded to the following folders.

Microsoft Teams On A Mac

  • Windows: %userprofile%Downloads

  • Mac OSX: Downloads

  • Browser: You will be prompted to save the debug log to default save location

Media Logs

Media logs contain diagnostic data about audio, video and screen sharing. They are required for support cases only upon request and can only be inspected by Microsoft. The following table outlines the log location.

Microsoft Teams Mac Update

Mac OSX~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/media-stack/*.blog
~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/skylib/*.blog

Desktop logs

Desktop logs, also known as bootstrapper logs, contains log data that occurs between the desktop client and the browser. Like media logs, these logs are only needed if requested by Microsoft. The logs are text based and can be read using any text based editor in a top down format.


  1. Right-click the Microsoft Teams icon in your application tray, select Get Logs

Mac OsX:

  1. Choosing Get Logs from the Help pull-down menu
Mac OSX~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/logs.txt

Commands are shortcuts for performing common tasks in Teams: update your status, go to a specific channel, show your recent files and saved messages, and more.

Scroll down to see a list of available commands or to learn how to find out when new commands are available.

To use a command, type / in the command box at the top of Teams. You'll see a menu of all the commands we currently support. Select the command you want, press Enter, and Teams takes care of the rest.

Tip: You can also press Alt+K (Windows) or Option+K (Mac) to open the command list.

Commands are available for everyone using Teams, but if a certain command isn't working for you, it could be because your organization has disabled a feature central to the command. For example, if chat is disabled for your organization, chat-based commands won't work.

Available commands


What it does


See someone's activity.


Set your status to available.


Set your status to away.


Set your status to busy.


Call a phone number or Teams contact.


Set your status to do not disturb.


See your recent files.


Go right to a team or channel.


Get help with Teams.


Join a team.


See keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft visual c++ for mac. /mentions

See all your @mentions.


See someone's org chart.


See your saved messages.


Check your call quality.


See all your unread activity.


See what's new in Teams.


Ask Who a question about someone.


Add a quick note.

Find out when new commands are available

We're updating our command library all the time, so keep checking the menu in the command box to see what's new. (Just type /.)

Currently, commands are only available in the desktop or web app.