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Formatting cells and cell ranges in Excel 2011 for Mac is like formatting tables. In the Font group of the Ribbon’s Home tab, clicking Borders button displays a drop-down gallery of border styles.

Experienced Excel users may yearn for the old floating Borders toolbar. Happily, you can find the Borders option on the Formatting toolbar, which you turn on by choosing View→Toolbars→Formatting from Excel’s menu.

You can find more presets for borders in the Format Cells dialog, which you can display by pressing Command-1 and choosing the Border tab. If you select a cell range before opening the Format Cells dialog, you format the outer border as well as the inner borders.

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Use the following order when you’re formatting a range of cells using the Border tab of the Format Cells dialog:

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  1. Color: Choose a color for your border from Excel’s color picker. The color you choose is displayed in the Style pane.

  2. Style: Select a solid, dashed, thick, thin, or double-style border.

  3. Border: For the border, you work in either the Presets area or the Border area.

    In the Presets area, choose from these options:

    • None: Clears borders from the selected cell or cell range.

    • Outline: Applies a border to the selected cell or around the outside border of a range of cells.

    • Inside: Applies borders to cells within a selected range, but doesn’t put a border around the entire range.

    In the Border area, click in the preview, or click toggle buttons to turn individual outside, inside, or diagonal borders on and off.

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You can apply multiple colors and line styles. You have to choose a new color and style for each border you turn on.

Normally, the background of a Word document in Office 2011 for Mac is white, but you can change the background color — and even apply document theme colors to it. You have to use Print Layout view in Word 2011 for Mac for this to work, so if you’re not already in Print Layout view, click the Print Layout view button at the lower-left corner of the document window to switch to it.

When you modify the background in Print Layout view, Word 2011 for Mac can convert it into Notebook Layout view and Publishing Layout view. Three formatting tools are in the Page Background group of the Ribbon’s Layout tab:

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  • Color: Click to display the color palette. Color formats the background layer that’s furthest to the back.

  • Watermark: Above the background layer but still behind the text layer is a layer that you can use if you want to add a watermark. You can choose from two watermark types, Picture and Text.

  • Borders: Displays the Page Border tab of the Borders and Shadings dialog. This dialog is a creative person’s playground for customizing borders.

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    • Setting: Choose from None, Box, Shadow, 3-D, or Custom.

    • Custom: Use the Interactive Preview to choose which edge(s) to apply or remove a border.

    • Style: Choose a line style for your border.

    • Color: Choose a color for your border.

    • Width: Specify a width for your border.

    • Art: Choose from an enormous variety of artwork.

    • Apply To: Choose Whole Document or a section option.

    • Options: Displays the Border and Shading options dialog that lets you adjust margin and placement of your border.

    • Horizontal Line: Displays an Open dialog that lets you choose a picture of a line to use as your border’s line style.