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These package can be used to run such applications on a computer even if it does not have Visual Studio 2015 installed. These packages install run-time components of these libraries: C Runtime (CRT), Standard C, MFC, C AMP, and OpenMP. To find out what's new in Visual Studio 2015, see the Visual Studio 2015 Release Notes. 2015-6-15  Hi all, I have a small question regarding this new Visual Studio 2015. Does it support for development of applications for Mac and Linux without any intermediary frameworks like Xmarin or Mono Project? Or just as a code editor for all the OS platforms like NotePad? And also what is Visual. Hi Chiranthaka J Thank you for posting in MSND forum. 2019-4-26  支持的操作系统 Supported Operating Systems Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 可在以下操作系统上安装并运行: Visual Studio 2017 for Mac will install and run on the following operating systems: macOS Sierra 10.12:社区版、专业版和企业版。macOS. 2020-1-29  Visual Studio for Mac supports macOS High Contrast Mode. On macOS, you can increase the color contrast of the entire system by turning on High Contrast Mode via the Increase Contrast checkbox in System Preferences Accessibility Preferences. Visual Studio 2019 for Mac.

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下面是 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 系列产品的最低系统要求。The minimum system requirements for the Visual Studio 2017 for Mac family of products is below.若要安装 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac,请参阅 Visual Studio 2017 下载。To install Visual Studio 2017 for Mac, see Visual Studio 2017 Downloads.有关此次发布版新增功能的详细信息,请参阅 Visual Studio for Mac 2017 发行说明。For information about everything that's new in this release, see the Visual Studio for Mac 2017 release notes.另请参阅 Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 平台目标以及兼容性。See also Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Platform Targeting and Compatibility.

Microsoft publisher for mac free download - Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac 7.0.3 Update, Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac Update, Parallels Desktop for Mac, and many more programs. Microsoft office publisher. 2016-3-31  Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.

Visual Studio 2017 for MacVisual Studio 2017 for Mac

以下产品支持下面的最低系统要求:The following products support the minimum system requirements below:

  • Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 for Mac。Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 for Mac.
  • Visual Studio Professional 2017 for Mac。Visual Studio Professional 2017 for Mac.
  • Visual Studio Community 2017 for Mac。Visual Studio Community 2017 for Mac.

支持的操作系统Supported Operating Systems

Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 可在以下操作系统上安装并运行:Visual Studio 2017 for Mac will install and run on the following operating systems:

  • macOS Sierra 10.12:社区版、专业版和企业版。macOS Sierra 10.12: Community, Professional, and Enterprise.
  • Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11:社区版、专业版和企业版*。Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11: Community, Professional, and Enterprise*.

考虑到 Xcode 的要求,Xamarin.iOS 和 Xamarin.Mac 项目可能需要更高版本的 macOS。Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac projects may require newer versions of macOS as a result of Xcode requirements.有关更多信息,请参阅 [Xamarin 发行说明](。Please see the [Xamarin release notes]( for more information.


  • 1.8 GHz 或更快的处理器。1.8 GHz or faster processor.双核或更好的建议。Dual-core or better recommended.
  • 4 GB RAM;建议 8 GB RAM(如果在虚拟机上运行,则最低 4 GB)。4 GB of RAM; 8 GB of RAM recommended (4 GB minimum if running on a virtual machine).
  • 硬盘空间:大约 1 GB。Hard disk space: approx 1GB.

支持的语言Supported Languages

Visual Studio for Mac 提供了以下语言版本:Visual Studio for Mac is available in the following languages:

  • 英语English
  • 中文(简体)Chinese (Simplified)
  • 和 SharePoint 2010 显示的“中文(繁体)”Chinese (Traditional)
  • 捷克语Czech
  • 法语French
  • 德语German
  • 意大利语Italian
  • 日语Japanese
  • 朝鲜语Korean
  • 波兰语Polish
  • 葡萄牙语(巴西)Portuguese (Brazil)
  • 俄语Russian
  • 西班牙语Spanish
  • 土耳其语Turkish

其他要求Additional Requirements

  • 使用 .NET Core 项目和功能需要 .NET Core SDK 1.1。.NET Core SDK 1.1 is required to use .NET Core projects and features.下载和安装可以分别进行,需要 Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 或更高版本。It can be downloaded and installed separately, and requires Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 or higher.
  • Xamarin.Android 需要 64 位版本的 Java 开发工具包 (JDK)。Xamarin.Android requires the 64-bit Java Development Kit (JDK).
  • Xamarin.iOS 需要 Apple 的 Xcode IDE 和 iOS SDK。Xamarin.iOS requires Apple's Xcode IDE and iOS SDK.
  • Xamarin.Forms 可以面向 Android 和 iOS 平台,只需满足上述要求即可。Xamarin.Forms can target both Android and iOS platforms, given the requirements listed above.
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After Microsoft today announced the general availability of Visual Studio for Mac, many developers on forum sites questioned if it's really the same IDE that Windows users have known and loved for years, or a refactored, rebadged and rebranded version of Xamarin Studio. Visual Studio dev tools & services make app development easy for any platform & language. Try our Mac & Windows code editor, IDE, or Azure DevOps for free.

单击按钮下载最新版 Visual Studio 2019 for Mac。Click the button to download the latest version of Visual Studio 2019 for Mac.有关系统要求的信息,请参阅 Mac 系统要求和 Mac 平台目标以及兼容性指南。For information on the system requirements see the see Mac System Requirements and Mac Platform Targeting and Compatibility guides.

有关如何安装和更新 Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 的说明,请参阅 Visual Studio for Mac 安装指南。For instructions on installing and updating Visual Studio 2019 for Mac, see the Install Visual Studio for Mac guide.

Microsoft Visual Studio Mac C++

要详细了解其他相关下载,请参阅下载页。To learn more about other related downloads, see the Downloads page.

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 中的新增功能What's New in Visual Studio 2019 for Mac

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 版本Visual Studio 2019 for Mac Releases

  • 2020年4月7日- Visual Studio 2019 For Mac 版本 8.5.2April 7, 2020 - Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.5.2
  • 2020 年 4 月 1 日 - Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 版本 8.5.1April 1, 2020 - Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.5.1
  • 2020 年 3 月 16日 - Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 版本 8.5March 16, 2020 - Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.5

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 博客文章Visual Studio 2019 for Mac Blog Posts

可从 Visual Studio 博客获取来自 Visual Studio 工程团队的官方产品见解。The Visual Studio Blog is the official source of product insight from the Visual Studio Engineering Team.有关 Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 发布的详细信息,可参阅以下文章:You can find in-depth information about the Visual Studio 2019 for Mac releases in the following posts:

  • Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 版本 8.5 现已推出Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.5 now available

版本主要变化Release Highlights

在此版本的 Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 中,我们替换了旧的 Git 实现,刷新了调色板和图标,并解决了调试程序、测试工具和项目系统的许多问题。In this release of Visual Studio 2019 for Mac we replaced our old Git implementation, refreshed our color palette and icons, and we addressed a number of issues with the debugger, test tools, and project system.

已知问题Known Issues

请参阅已知问题部分。Refer to the Known Issues section.

用于 Mac 版本8.5.2 的 Visual Studio 2019 ( Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.5.2 (

2020年4月发布released April 7, 2020

Visual Studio for Mac 8.5 Service 版本2满足以下各项:Visual Studio for Mac 8.5 Service Release 2 addresses the following:

  • 使用键盘导航的用户不能导航到 Xamarin 设计器属性面板中的 '重置' 按钮。A user navigating with the keyboard can not navigate to the 'Reset' button in the Xamarin Designer Property Panel.
  • 修复了在使用 Git worktree 的项目中提交不起作用的问题。We fixed an issue where commits do not work in projects using Git worktree.
  • 修复了在 Git 下的项目中弹出某个储藏时 Visual Studio for Mac 可能会停止响应的问题。We fixed an issue where Visual Studio for Mac may become unresponsive when popping a stash in a project under Git.
  • 修复了推送到 GitHub 的项目无法显示新文件或目录的问题。We fixed an issue where projects pushed to GitHub fail to show new files or directories.

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 版本 8.5.1 ( Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.5.1 (

发布日期:2020 年 4 月 1 日released April 1, 2020

此版本包括以下更新:This release includes the following updates:

  • 支持 Xcode 11.4。Support for Xcode 11.4.
  • 修复了使用 Xamarin iOS 项目时用户界面延迟增加的问题。We fixed an issue with increased UI delays when working with Xamarin.iOS projects.
  • 修复了以下问题:将其选中时,Visual Studio for Mac 在 Mac 的当前窗口中显示。We fixed an issue where Visual Studio for Mac shows in current window on Mac when selected.
  • 修复了以下问题:切换虚拟桌面时,Visual Studio for Mac 会进入后台。We fixed an issue where Visual Studio for Mac goes to background when switching virtual desktops.
  • 解决了以下问题:版本控制无法识别文件夹中新添加的文件。We fixed an issue where Version Control does not recognize newly added files in a folder.
  • 解决了以下问题:Visual Studio for Mac 告知要安装命令行工具,但我已经安装。We fixed an issue where Visual Studio for Mac tells me to install Command Line Tools but it's already installed.

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 版本 8.5 ( Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.5 (

发布日期:2020 年 3 月 23 日released March 23, 2020

新增功能New Features


此版本的 Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 提供清爽的调色板、新式图标和更新后的警告和错误状态消息。This release of Visual Studio 2019 for Mac brings a refreshed color palette, new icons, and updated warning and error status messages.增加了文本和图标的颜色对比度以提高清晰度。Color contrast ratios for text and icons have been increased to improve clarity.现在 Visual Studio for Mac 也完全支持 macOS 高对比度模式。Visual Studio for Mac also now fully suports macOS High Contrast Mode.

除了视觉上的改变之外,此版本的 Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 还进行了很多更改以提高 IDE 的总体可访问性。In addition to the visual changes, this release of Visual Studio 2019 for Mac has made a number changes to increase overall accessibility of the IDE.这些方法包括:These include:

  • 在调试器、NuGet 包管理器和项目选项对话框中使用 VoiceOver 时,改善了焦点的顺序和可见性。Improvements to focus order and visibility when using VoiceOver in the debugger, NuGet Package Manager and project options dialog.
  • 以前无法通过键盘导航访问的区域(例如图钉图标和眼睛图标)现在可以通过键盘导航。Areas previously inaccessible by keyboard navigation, such as the pin and eye icon, are now navigable by keyboard.
  • 增强了 VoiceOver 对于调试程序状态的反馈。Enhanced feedback from VoiceOver for debugger staus.
  • 通过“创建项目”对话框创建项目后,IDE 现将向 VoiceOver 准确读出“项目已创建”状态消息。After creating a project using the New Project Dialog, the IDE now accurately announces “project created” status message to VoiceOver users.
  • 修复 NuGet 包管理器,允许通过键盘访问“浏览”、“已安装”、“更新”和“合并”选项卡。Fixes to the NuGet Package manager that allow keyboard access to the Browse, Installed, Update and Consolidate tabs.
  • VoiceOver 现在会播报“新建版本”下拉列表中所选的版本。VoiceOver now announces the selected version in the 'New version' dropdown.
  • VoiceOver 现在会在使用版本控制、发布到 Azure 功能以及很多其他区域时,播报详细信息。VoiceOver now announces more information when using version control, the publish to Azure feature, and in a number of additional areas.

版本控制Version Control

我们将旧的 Git 实现替换为 Windows 上的 Visual Studio 已使用的官方 Git 命令行客户端的包装器,以提高 IDE 中 Git 支持的整体性能和可靠性。We replaced our old Git implementation with a wrapper around the official Git command line client, which is already used by Visual Studio on Windows, in order to improve the overall performace and reliability of Git support in the IDE.新的 Git 支持依赖于官方 git 客户端。The new Git support depends on the official git client.安装 Git 时,建议通过在终端应用中运行 xcode-select --install 来将 Git 作为 Xcode 命令行工具的一部分进行安装(无需安装 Xcode)。The recommended way to install Git is to install it as part of the Xcode Command Line Tools by running xcode-select --install in the Terminal app (Xcode does not need to be installed).


  • 现在可以编辑函数断点。Function breakpoints can now be edited.
  • 改善了 .NET Core 项目中步进效果。We have improved stepping performance in .NET Core projects.


  • 我们更新了浅色和深色主题来匹配 Visual Studio。We updated Light & Dark themes to match Visual Studio.


  • 我们向轮播中添加了一个新项,允许用户注册 ASP.NET Core 提示。We added a new item to the carousel to allow users to sign up for ASP.NET Core tips.
  • 我们添加了支持,以实现版本控制所需的 CLI 工具。We added support to implement CLI tools required by version control.
  • 我们集成了错误报告,以帮助改进未来的质量。We integrated error reporting to aid in improving future quality.

Web 和 AzureWeb and Azure

  • 我们已升级到最新的 .NET Core 版本。We bumped to the latest .NET Core release.
  • 在 ASP.NET Core 项目的“新建项目”对话框中添加了身份验证支持。We added authentication support in the New Project Dialog for ASP.NET Core projects.
  • 添加了对 v2/v3 版 Azure Functions 运行时的支持。We added support for v2/v3 of Azure Functions runtime.


  • 已将 NuGet 升级到 5.4 版。We bumped NuGet to 5.4.

Microsoft Visual Studio Macro Tools Failed To Install


  • 现在可以在“文档大纲”窗格中查看 Xamarin.Forms 控件的层次结构。You can now see a hierarchy of your Xamarin.Forms controls in the Document Outline pane.在 Windows 中,可以通过 Ctrl+Alt+T(“视图”>“其他窗口”>“文档大纲”)打开它。On Windows, it can be opened with Ctrl+Alt+T (View > Other Windows > Document Outline).在 Mac 上,可以通过“视图”>“Pad”>“文档大纲”打开它。On Mac, you can open it via Views > Pads > Document Outline.
  • 同时调试多个项目时,现在可以在两个目标上同时使用 XAML 热重载。When debugging multiple projects at the same time, you can now use XAML Hot Reload simultaneously on both targets.例如,可以使用 XAML 热重载来同时查看 iOS 和 Android 手机上 XAML 外观的更改。For example, you can use XAML Hot Reload to see how your XAML change looks on both an iOS and Android phone at the same time.要详细了解如何调试多个进程,请参阅 Visual Studio 2019 文档。Learn more about debugging multiple process in the Visual Studio 2019 documentation.
  • 现在可以在 Visual Studio for Mac 中设置默认的 iOS 设计器。You can now set the default iOS Designer in Visual Studio for Mac.在 Xcode 情节提要设计器中所做的任何更改都将自动同步回 Visual Studio for Mac。Any changes made in the Xcode storyboard designer will be synchronized back to Visual Studio for Mac automatically.
  • 现在可以使用 Android Apply Changes 在运行时应用 Android 资源更改。You can now apply Android resource changes at runtime using Android Apply Changes.使用此功能,可快速在 Android 设备或仿真器上查看对 Android 资源文件(XML 布局、可绘制资源等)进行的更改,而无需重启应用程序。This feature allows you to quickly see changes made to your Android resource files (XML layouts, drawables, etc) on an Android device or emulator without requiring the application to be restarted.
  • 在 Android 应用程序中使用启动跟踪时,现在可以生成自己的自定义配置文件。You can now generate your own custom profiles when using startup tracing in your Android application.这可大幅提高启动性能,且 APK 大小的增加幅度极小。This provides you an even more performant startup experience with a minimal increase to APK size.
  • 现在可针对 Kotlin 库生成 Xamarin.Android 绑定。You can now generate Xamarin.Android bindings against Kotlin libraries.
  • 现在可以使用 Google Manifest Merger 合并 Android 项目中的 AndroidManifest.xml 文件。You can now use the Google Manifest Merger when merging AndroidManifest.xml files in your Android projects.使用此工具,可自定义每个清单及其内容的合并方式。This allows you to customize how each manifest and its contents will be merged.有关可以应用的规则的详细信息,请参阅合并多个清单文件。For more details on rules that can be applied, please see Merge multiple manifest files.
  • 创建新的 Xamarin.Forms 应用时,已删除使用共享项目的选项。The option to use shared project has been removed when creating a new Xamarin.Forms app.新的 Xamarin.Forms 应用现在将使用 .NET Standard 来确保最佳的开发体验。New Xamarin.Forms apps will now use .NET Standard to ensure the best development experience.

Bug 修复Bug Fixes


  • 修复了启动窗口在从 Unity 中启动时显示且无法关闭的问题。We fixed an issue where the start window shows when launching from Unity and cant be closed.
  • 我们修复了以下问题:右键单击选项卡导致 Visual Studio for Mac 故障We fixed an issue where right clicking a tab causes Visual Studio for Mac to crash


  • 修复了代码分析规则集被忽略,并且 Visual Studio for Mac 提出了一堆矛盾的警告的问题。We fixed an issue where Code Analysis ruleset is ignore and a bunch of conflicting warnings are presented by Visual Studio for Mac.
  • 修复了方法文档不存在的问题。We fixed an issue where method documentation is gone.
  • 我们修复了以下问题:T4 模板中没有语法突出显示和自动完成。We fixed an issue where there is no syntax highlighting and autocompletion in T4 templates.
  • 修复了复制和粘贴在某些类型文件之间不起作用的问题 123。We fixed an issue where copy and paste did not work between certain types of files 123.
  • 修复了使用新主题重命名字段时的颜色对比度问题。We fixed an issue with color contrast during field renaming with the new theme.
  • 改进了 VoiceOver 对“快速修复”和“重构”菜单的可访问性问题。We improved VoiceOver accessibility for the Quick Fixes and Refactorings menu.
  • 修复了在 macOS 10.13 上查看特定文件类型时出现故障的问题。We fixed a crash viewing certain file types on macOS 10.13.

Vision Studio


  • 修复了值可视化工具始终为空白的问题。We fixed an issue where value visualizer is always blank.
  • 修复了导致在层次结构中检查嵌套变量所需的时间比预期长的问题。We fixed an issue that caused inspecting nested variables in hierarchy to take longer than expected.
  • 修复了使用异步方法查看变量不显示任何内容的问题。We fixed an issue where viewing variables with async methods shows nothing.
  • 修复了调试程序不会正确显示变量检查图标的问题。We fixed an issue where the debugger would not show variable inspection icons correctly.
  • 修复了阻止使用 Backspace 键删除被监视表达式的问题。We fixed an issue that prevented watched expressions from being removed with the backspace key.
  • 修复了在 .NET Core 项目中出现未处理异常的情况下 Visual Studio for Mac 不会中断的问题。We fixed an issue where Visual Studio for Mac does not break on the line of an unhandled exception in .NET Core projects.
  • 已修复问题:数据提示(变量检查)字体看起来很小。We fixed an issue where the DataTip (variable inspect) font size looks small.
  • 已修复问题:调试期间 pin 变量图标一开始时会丢失。We fixed an issue where the pin variable icon during debugging is initially missing.
  • 已修复问题:用于单步执行的 UI 按钮响应缓慢,使单步执行操作感觉非常缓慢。We fixed an issue where the UI buttons for stepping are slow to respond and make stepping feel very slow.
  • 已修复问题:可能无法从“局部变量”板和“监视”板复制值。We fixed an issue where values might not be able to be copied from the locals and watch pads.
  • 已修复问题:.NET Core 调试器不显示 System.Drawing.Color 值。We fixed an issue where the .NET Core debugger would not show System.Drawing.Color values.
  • 我们修复了以下问题:“附加到进程”对话框未显示任何进程。We fixed an issue where the Attach to Process dialog shows no processes.
  • 我们修复了以下问题:在行上未设置断点时调试器停止(在多个启动项目中)。We fixed an issue where the Debugger stops on lines without a breakpoint set (in multiple startup projects).
  • 我们修复了以下问题:在尝试在 Watch Pad 中重命名已监视的表达式后将其删除。We fixed an issue where watched expressions are removed after trying to rename them in the Watch Pad.
  • 修复了在调试过程中保存文本可视化工具中的编辑时不会保存更改的问题。We fixed an issue where saving edits from the Text visualizer during debugging does not save changes.
  • 修复了在可视化工具中编辑变量值后局部变量板不更新的问题。We fixed an issue where the Locals pad is not updating after editing variable value in the visualizer.
  • 修复了单步执行代码时可能导致虚假滚动的问题。We fixed an issue that could cause spurious scrolling when stepping through code.

Microsoft Visual Studio Macro Tools


  • 修复了 StyleCop 规则被忽略的问题。We fixed an issue where StyleCop rules are ignored.
  • 修复了 Visual Studio for Mac 自动关闭我的解决方案,并声称某个文件丢失(但实际上并不是如此)的问题。We fixed an issue where Visual Studio for Mac automatically closes my solution claiming that a file is gone - but it is not.
  • 已修复问题:偶尔会显示一个对话框,指示 mono-sgen32 未针对我的 Mac 进行优化。We fixed an issue where an occasional dialogue about mono-sgen32 not optimised for my Mac appears.
  • 已修复问题:创建一个项目且其名称已存在于某个文件夹中,会导致对话框被禁用。We fixed an issue where creating a project with a name that already exists in one folder disables the dialog.
  • 已修复问题:“mono-sgen32”未针对 Mac 优化,需要进行更新。We fixed an issue where “mono-sgen32” is not optimized for your Mac and needs to be updated.
  • 在附加新文件时隐藏“报告问题”对话框。Report a problem dialog hidden when attaching a new file.
  • Cmd + . 文件搜索现必须按两次。Cmd + . file search now has to be pressed twice.
  • 导航到快捷方式不会将焦点放在搜索文本框上。Navigate to shortcut won't focus search text box.
  • 修复了解决方案资源管理器显示重复文件的问题。We fixed an issue where the Solution Explorer is showing duplicate files.
  • 修复了从 SDK 样式项目删除文件会将不必要的数据添加到 .csproj 文件的问题。We fixed an issue where deleting file from SDK style project adds unnecessary data into .csproj file.
  • 修复了在 .NET Framework 项目中引用错误版本的多目标项目的问题。We fixed an issue where the wrong version of a multi-target project is referenced in a .NET Framework project.
  • 修复了在向已有解决方案添加新的 NUnit 项目时,没有可用于 NUnit 类型的 IntelliSense 的问题。We fixed an issue where there is no IntelliSense for NUnit types when adding a new NUnit project to an existing solution.
  • 修复了在某个文件缺失时阻止从项目删除该文件的问题。We fixed an issue that prevented a file from being removed from the project when the file was missing.
  • 修复了导致无法完全评估某些 MSBuild 属性的问题。We fixed an issue that would cause some MSBuild properties to not be fully evaluated.
  • 修复了无法从项目中删除链接文件的问题。We fixed an issue where linked files could not be removed from the project.
  • 我们修复了以下问题:重复文件显示在“解决方案”窗口中。We fixed an issue where duplicate files are shown in the Solution window.

版本控制Version Control

  • 已修复问题:版本控制文件下拉列表(部分)损坏。We fixed an issue where the version control file drop down is (partially) broken.
  • 我们修复了以下问题:libhostfxr.dylib 未签名。We fixed an issue where libhostfxr.dylib is not signed.
  • 我们修复了以下问题:在保存或还原更改后,未更新已修改文件的状态。We fixed an issue where the status of modified files was not updated after saving or reverting changes.
  • 我们修复了在使用 git 存储库中的解决方案时的总体性能的问题。We fixed an issue with the overall performance when working with solutions inside a git repository.
  • 我们修复了 macOS 持续提示安装 Xcode 命令行工具的问题。We fixed an issue with macOS continously prompting to install Xcode command line tools.
  • 修复了以下问题:Git“作者”错误地将第一行显示为已修改。We fixed an issue where Git 'Authors' incorrectly shows the 1st line as modified.
  • 修复了以下问题:重命名文件可能导致 UI 挂起。We fixed an issue where renaming a file can cause a UI hang.
  • 修复了以下问题:缺少“切换到分支”菜单。We fixed an issue where Switch to Branch menu is missing.
  • 修复了以下问题:如果未手动添加/暂存新文件,状态视图中不会显示新文件。We fixed an issue where a new file was not shown in the Status View if it was not added/staged manually.
  • 修复了以下问题:状态视图差异中的 BOM 出现问题。We fixed an issue where there are issues with BOM in the Status View diff.

Web 工具Web Tools

  • 已修复问题:自定义参数不被保留。We fixed an issue where custom parameters do not persist.
  • 我们修复了以下问题:.NET Core Web 应用程序 MVC 模板创建多个 launchSettings.json 和 appsettings.json 文件。We fixed an issue where .NET Core web application MVC template creates multiple launchSettings.json and appsettings.json files.
  • 我们修复了以下问题:Visual Studio for Mac 2019 没有包含视图的控制器基架。We fixed an issue where Visual Studio for Mac 2019 has no controller scaffolding with views.
  • 修复了 launchSettings.json 在保存时进行更改的问题。We fixed an issue where launchSettings.json are changed on save.

Visual Studio 2019


  • 修复无法获取源的存储库签名信息的问题。We fixed an issue where unable to get repository signature information for source.
  • 修复了 Nuget 不刷新的问题。We fixed an issue where NuGets are not refreshing.

测试工具Test Tools

Visual Studio Code Linux

  • 修复了测试层次结构混乱和命名空间名称中断的问题。We fixed an issue where the test heirarchy is jumbled and breaks namespace names.
  • 修复了“单元测试”面板中嵌套错误的问题。We fixed an issue with weird nesting in the 'Unit Tests' pad.
  • 修复了可能导致测试发现失败的问题。We fixed an issue that can cause test discovery to fail.
  • 修复了其他一些与“单元测试”资源管理器/窗口中的古怪嵌套相关的嵌套问题。We fixed some additional nested issues related to weird nesting in 'Unit Tests' explorer/window.

Microsoft Visual Studio Mac C++

已知问题 Known Issues


我们期待你的宝贵意见和建议!We would love to hear from you!可通过 Visual Studio for Mac IDE 中的报告问题选项报告问题。You can report a problem through the Report a Problem option in Visual Studio for Mac IDE.可在开发人员社区门户中跟踪自己的反馈,包括建议。You can track your feedback, including suggestions, in the Developer Community portal.

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