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Sep 02, 2015  Office 365 Commercial customers can get the new Outlook for Mac by accessing their Office 365 Portal, (Gear icon Office 365 Settings Software Outlook for Mac icon) or visiting the Software page; Office 365 consumer subscribers can get the new Outlook for Mac. Kostenlose Zusammenarbeit mit einer Onlineversion von Microsoft Word. Speichern Sie Dokumente in OneDrive. Teilen Sie sie mit anderen, und arbeiten Sie gleichzeitig mit anderen daran. Adding a Gmail account. Select Outlook Preferences Accounts. Click the plus (+) sign New Account. Type your email address Continue. Type your password Add Account. Click Continue. Sign-in to your Gmail account within Outlook for Mac. This is for users who are on Build 0902 and higher. Nov 17, 2019  Due to the popularity of Outlook, most of the users ask to use Outlook on Mac devices thus Microsoft released Outlook for Mac. Users can share calendars, notes, send/ receive mails on Outlook for Mac same as MS Outlook. To update the files in OST and PST outlook perform synchronization but some users complain of. Read more How to Fix Outlook for Mac Sync Error. If you're upgrading to Outlook 2019 for Mac from Outlook 2016 for Mac, you'll still have all the features you're used to—and you'll notice a few new ones as well! Skip to main content. Microsoft Support. Microsoft Support. What's new in Outlook 2019 for Mac. Oct 02, 2017 As of October 2, 2017, you can no longer redeem your Groove Music Pass. Microsoft will offer 120% of the value of your unused pre-paid Groove Music Pass as store credit to spend at the Microsoft Store. This offer is valid until December 31, 2018. If you haven’t redeemed your pass yet and want to get your credit, contact customer support. Nov 07, 2016  Yes, in my Outlook for Mac 2016 with version 15.27, the Unread mails will be marked with a solid dot instead of a blue line next to it. And there is no settings to recover it back to the blue line settings currently.

(as of 9/22/2015)
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Software Overview

Main Features

  • Quickly view your schedule, appointments, tasks, or contacts with the Peek feature
  • Keep tabs on your social media in one place with Facebook and LinkedIn integration
  • Search all of your emails, attachments, appointments, and contacts with Improved Search
  • Check the weather forecast with the built-in Weather Bar

Microsoft Outlook is an email client and personal information manager for Windows and OS X. It is available as part of Microsoft Office but can also be purchased by itself. A mobile version is bundled with Windows Phone, and it is also available for Android and iOS.

Outlook has many features that help you keep track of your contacts and schedule. It has filters and Context Commands that allow you to filter your calendar and intuitively sort your email. You can integrate multiple contacts into a single view to see each contact's information and social media status.

The program allows you to sync your information with mobile devices and Internet services so that you can access your calendar and email anywhere. You can also share your calendar with other people and send meeting requests.

Microsoft Outlook is commonly used in business environments because it supports Microsoft Exchange Server. It is a good calendar tool and email client for both professional and home users.

Supported File Types

Primary file extension

.MSG – Outlook Mail Message

Other file extensions used by Microsoft Outlook 2016

Supported File Types
.BCMBusiness Contact Manager File
.BCMXBusiness Contact Manager Customization
.DATExchange E-mail Attachment
.DBXOutlook Express E-mail Folder
.EMAILOutlook Express Email Message
.EMLE-Mail Message
.HOLOutlook Holidays File
.IAFOutlook Internet Account File
.ICALiCalendar File
.ICALENDARiCalendar File
.ICSCalendar File
.IDXOutlook Express Mailbox Index File
.MBOXEmail Mailbox File
.MBXOutlook Express Mailbox
.MIMMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Message File
.MIMEMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Extension
.MMEMulti-Purpose Internet Mail
.MMFMicrosoft Message File
.MSOInline E-mail Attachment
.NCHOutlook Express Folder File
.NWSWindows Live Mail Newsgroup File
.OABOffline Address Book
.OBIOutlook RSS Subscription File
.OFTOutlook File Template
.OLMMac Outlook Database File
.OSSMicrosoft Outlook Saved Search File
.OSTOutlook Offline Data File
.OTMOutlook Macro File
.P7SDigitally Signed Email Message
.PABPersonal Address Book
.PRFOutlook Profile File
.PSTOutlook Personal Information Store File
.PWIPocket Word Document
.RPMSGOutlook Restricted Permission Message
.RWZOutlook Rules Wizard File
.SIGSignature File
.SRSOutlook Send/Receive Settings File
.TNEFTransport Neutral Encapsulation Format
.VCFvCard File
.VCSvCalendar Event File
.WABWindows Address Book
Additional Related File Formats
.CLXCeelox SecureMail Secure Message
.CVRMicrosoft Crash Report File
.DICPROOFMicrosoft Dictionary Proofing File
.ECFOutlook Add-in
.FFAFind Fast Status File
.FFLFind Fast Document List
.FFOFind Fast Document Properties Cache
.FFXMicrosoft Find Fast Index
.GXKGalaxkey Secured File
.KMRKnowledgeMill Link File
.MS-TNEFMS Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
.NICKOutlook 2000 Nickname File
.NK2Outlook 2002 Nickname File
.ODSOutlook Express 5 Mailbox
.OLKOutlook Address Book File
.OLK14CATEGORYOutlook Category File
.OLK14CONTACTOutlook Contact File
.OLK14EVENTOutlook Calendar Event File
.OLK14GROUPOutlook Group File
.OLK14MAILACCOUNTOutlook Mail Account File
.OLK14MESSAGEOutlook Message File
.OLK14MSGSOURCEOutlook Email Message Data File
.OLK14NOTEOutlook Note File
.OLK14PREFOutlook Preferences File
.OLK14SIGNATUREOutlook Signature File
.OLK14TASKOutlook Task File
.P10Certificate Request File
.P7RCertificate Request Response File
.RGEEntourage File Archive
.ZDBZimbra Database File

Updated: September 22, 2015


Applies to:Outlook for Mac, Outlook 2019 for Mac

As an IT admin, you may want to provide Outlook for Mac users in your organization with a standard set of preferences in either of the following ways:

  • Set a default preference, which users can change.
  • Force a particular preference, which users can’t change.

The following preferences can be used to simplify account setup for Office 365 mailboxes, help protect company data, and support a streamlined user experience.

Microsoft Outlook Mac Torrent

These keys are CFPreferences-compatible, which means that it can be set by using enterprise management software for Mac, such as Jamf Pro.

Mailbox settings

Automatically configure Office 365 mailbox on first launch

The email address used for Office activation will be added on first launch.
Data TypeBoolean
Possible valuesfalse (default)
CommentsThis key also suppresses first run dialogs for other Office apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Specify Office 365 mailbox to be added on first launch

Download microsoft access for mac. Set the domain or full email address of Office 365 mailbox to be added on first launch.
Data TypeString
Possible valuesvarious (example: '')
CommentsThe full email address or domain specified will be added in Outlook instead of the Office activation email address.

Allow only corporate mailboxes to be added

Specify one or more domains users are allowed to add in Outlook.
Data TypeArray of Strings
Possible valuesVarious (example: '$')
CommentsFormat strings as regular expressions. Does not remove or disconnect accounts already added in Outlook.

Hide text about adding non-corporate mailboxes

Hide the “Did you know? Outlook supports…” text in the Set Up Your Email success dialog box.
Data TypeBoolean
Possible valuesfalse (default)
CommentsOnly hides text. Does not impact ability to add non-corporate mailboxes.

Import/export settings

Disable import

Prevent users from being able to import archive files (.olm and .pst) and Outlook 2011 for Mac data.
Data TypeBoolean
Possible valuesfalse (default)
CommentsKey must be set to true and forced.

Disable export

Prevent users from being able to export archive files (.olm).
Data TypeBoolean
Possible valuesfalse (default)
CommentsKey must be set to true and forced.

Online meetings settings

Disable Skype for Business online meetings

Prevent users from adding Skype for Business online meeting details to events.
Data TypeBoolean
Possible valuesfalse (default)
CommentsKey must be set to true and forced.

Disable Teams online meetings

Prevent users from adding Teams online meeting details to events.
Data TypeBoolean
Possible valuesfalse (default)
CommentsKey must be set to true and forced.

Weather location settings

Specify default weather location

Set default location for weather in calendar view.

NoteThis option is in preview and subject to change.After you have migrated your labels, you can select an option to copy policies. Note that for the Global policy, this means all users. If you select this option, a one-time copy of your policies with their and any is sent to the admin center where you manage your labels: Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, Microsoft 365 security center, Microsoft 365 compliance center.Successfully copied policies with their settings and labels are then automatically published to the users and groups that were assigned to the policies in the Azure portal. Microsoft migrate to mac pro.
Data TypeString
Possible valuesVarious (example: “Paris, France”)
CommentsUse the format returned by the weather location search within Outlook.

Disable automatic updating of weather location

Prevent users from choosing Update Location Automatically for weather location.
Data TypeBoolean
Possible valuesfalse (default)

Other settings

Hide local folders

Prevent users from viewing local On My Computer folders in the sidebar.

Microsoft Outlook Mac Osx
Data TypeBoolean
Possible valuesfalse (default)
CommentsFound under Outlook > Preferences > General > Sidebar.

Specify when pictures are downloaded for email

Set when pictures are automatically downloaded from the Internet for email.
Data TypeInteger
Possible values0 = Never (default)
1 = In messages from my contacts
2 = In all messages
CommentsFound under Outlook > Preferences > Email > Reading > Security.

Disable signatures

Prevent users from being able to create, edit, and add client-side signatures.
Data TypeBoolean
Possible valuesfalse (default)
CommentsKey must be set to true and forced.

Specify calendar first day of week

Set the first day of week in calendar view.

Microsoft Outlook Mac Free
Data TypeInteger
Possible values1 = Sunday (default)
2 = Monday
3= Tuesday
4= Wednesday
5= Thursday
6 = Friday
7 = Saturday

Microsoft Outlook Mac Download

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