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Signing a document has always been important for verification purposes and also as a symbol that the document has been read, and information acknowledged. Signatures can be added to a word document using the “Digital Signature” option. The process involved in doing so is easier than it may appear to be, and this office 2010 tutorial will guide you on how to use signatures when working on word documents.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a digital signature in MS Word 2010.

Step # 1 – Signature Setup

The first step you must carry out is open up a word document, to which you would like to add a signature. Now, you will have to bring your cursor to the end of the letter near the salutation and press the “enter” key on your keyboard.
Now you must go to the “insert” tab in the main top menu, and click on the “signature Line” drop down arrow located in the “Text” section. Here you will need to select the first option titled “Microsoft Office Signature Line”. Once this is done, a dialogue box will appear on your screen where you will need to complete various fields and then select the option titled “sign date in signature line”.
You can now click “OK” in order to proceed.

2015-7-29  Theoretically, if you have upgraded your Office 365 subscription to the 2016 version of Office, you should be able to use the free trial of DocuSign for Word Add-In: DocuSign for Word This is a free trial, after 10 signature requests, they expect you to start paying for the privilege. Give it a try, I can't test because I can't sign in using the beta version, YMMV. Your handwritten signature gives your document a personal touch. You can scan your signature, store it as a picture, and then insert your signature in Word documents. Scan and insert a picture of your handwritten signature. You need a scanner to do this. Write your signature on a piece of paper. Microsoft Office Word is a versatile office application that majority of the people use. If you use it to create bills for your company or compose letters for your office work, you might be wondering about inserting a signature of own hand writing.The feature, inserting a signature line in your Word document is already available in Microsoft Office. How to create an electronic signature using Microsoft Word. Follow these necessary steps to add electronic signatures to a Microsoft Word document (these steps apply to Microsoft Word versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Word in Office 365): Place the cursor where you’d like your signature line to go in your Word document. Nov 14, 2019 This wikiHow teaches you how to insert a digital signature into a Microsoft Word document by using the DocuSign add-in, as well as by using the built-in Signature Line tool in Microsoft Word on Windows or by converting it to a PDF file and adding a signature in the Preview app on Mac.

Step # 2 – Content Verification

Once you have added the signature, you will need to double click near the signature line in your document, after which a dialogue box will appear on your screen. Here you will need to type in your signature once again, and then click on the “sign” button.
Now, you will be able to see your signature appear at the end of the document, which is known as a visible signature.

(after an hour or so of looking)I like my windows maximised, so all of the Cmd + ` recommendations don't work for me.However, for users with trackpads - 3 Fingers swipe Left and Right, is between all open documents (including web etc) which includes any individual open Word docs:)Most of the time if I'm flipping between Word docs they are only 2 or 3 previous accesses away so this is fine.Not a totally ideal solution, but far far more seamless to continuous work flow for me than having to go up and select Window and then the specific document.I hope this helps you too:)Cheers, Marc. I've found it! Mac os x 10.7 download free.

Step # 3 – Invisible signature

Insert Signature In Microsoft Word Mac

Another way of adding a signature is by using the option titled “protect document”, given in the info tab. In order to use this option, you will firstly need to click on the “office” button given in the top menu, and then click n the “info” tab given here. An option will appear on your screen titled “protect document”, on which you must click and select options given according to your preference .You will also need to choose the option “add a digital signature” after which a dialogue box will open up where you will have to fill the field called “purpose for signing the document”. Once this is done, you must click on the “sign” button in order to proceed.

Insert Signature Microsoft Word Mac Free

Step # 4 – Signature Application

You will be able to see a small option for ‘digital signature” in the Word task bar. You must click on it after which a ‘signatures’ panel will open up on the right hand side of your page. Once you choose one of the given signatures from this panel, an invisible signature will be applied to your document.