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At Parallels, we love sharing our customers’ success stories! Recently, Tim Goldstein, a leading business intelligence analyst, database architect, and senior developer specializing in the Microsoft SQL server tool set, implemented a more agile development process with Parallels Desktop for Mac. Goldstein’s new process has been a great success and proven Parallels Desktop to be a developer’s “Swiss Army Knife” of productivity! Below are a few quotes from Goldstein himself regarding how Parallels Desktop has helped him stay ahead of the competitive landscape in his personal business:

“Parallels allows me to run a full development environment on Windows, including SQL Server, Analysis Services Server, Visual Studio, and SQL Management console simultaneously with El Capitan. I am running this on an 11-inch MacBook Air with 8 GB of RAM and a two-core i7 processor.”

Not only is the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio a crucial weapon in a developer’s tool kit but Goldstein leverages success by additionally using Microsoft Visual Studio, CorelDRAW, and Notepad++.

SQL Server authenticates as a database user to another database (SQL Server. After integrated authentication is configured, credentials will be passed to the linked server. Integrated Authentication and sqlcmd. To access SQL Server using integrated authentication, use the -E option of sqlcmd. Sep 26, 2019 Install SQL Server 2019 on a Mac. Install Docker. To download, visit the Docker CE for Mac download page and click Get Docker. To install, double-click on the.dmg file and then. Launch Docker. Increase the Memory. Nov 03, 2019 The following instructions assume you already have a SQL Server database running somewhere that your Mac has network access to. Just FYI, Microsoft's instructions for installing the latest drivers are here. Install FreeTDS and unixODBC. The connection to SQL Server will be made using the unixODBC driver manager and the FreeTDS driver. Installing them is most easily done using homebrew, the Mac package manager: brew update brew install unixodbc freetds. Nov 17, 2016 Run the scripts against your SQL Server running in Docker Copy the scripts you generated above to your Mac where you can easily get to them from the Terminal. Open a Terminal, and change to the. Dec 19, 2017  Currently no, SSMS is only available on Windows and Microsoft doesn’t have intention to build a Mac version. You can use TablePlus as an alternative to manage SQL Server db:. It’s native for macOS. It supports SQL Server, along with a handful of.

Above: “Windows 10 running Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Management Studio (SSMS), SQL Data Tools (a.k.a. Visual Studio) with an SSIS package, and working on an infographic for my speaking/training topic of “Engaging Technical Workers, Getting Business and Technical Staff Communicating” in CorelDRAW.”


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Goldstein has additionally leveraged Parallels Desktop to save money for his business. He’s achieved this by not having to own multiple computers to complete his work as a senior developer. Thanks to his love of technology and the people who have helped him have such a great IT career, Goldstein, a Certified High Performance Coach, is simultaneously speaking, training, and mentoring executives on how to understand the mind of the technical worker. He can help you reach your next level just like Parallels Desktop has helped him reach his! In his own words:

“For my personal business in training executives to understand their technical workforce and training geeks to better handle the soft side of interviews, I work entirely on a Mac. Parallels has been a wonderful solution and a much easier company culture to deal with than competitors.”

Is microsoft word come with macs 2017. Connect with Tim Goldstein via LinkedIn here, or check out his personal website here.

Moving forward, as new major versions of macOS are made generally available, Microsoft will drop support for the oldest version and support the newest and previous two versions of macOS. This applies for both Office 365 for Mac and Office 2019 for Mac users. Microsoft mac update 2019. With the release of macOS 10.15 Catalina,Office 365 for Mac and Office 2019 for Mac support macOS 10.15, 10.14, and 10.13. What if I don't update macOS to a supported version?If you’re on an unsupported version of macOS, your Office apps will still work but you would no longer receive any updates including security updates. For example, if you’re on macOS 10.13, but later you don’t update your macOS to a supported version when macOS 10.13 is no longer supported, you won’t receive any updates of any kind.As new major versions of macOS are released and older versions become unsupported, we highly recommend you continue to update your macOS to a supported version in order to receive such as security updates as well as new features (if you’re an Office 365 for Mac subscriber).

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