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Pages is a powerful word processor that lets you create stunning documents. You can even use Apple Pencil on your iPad to add comments and illustrations by hand. And with real-time collaboration, your team can work together, whether they’re on Mac, iPad, or iPhone, or using a PC.

I have word 2003 installed and i don't know what i was pressing to activate the pilcrow. 'The meaning of life is to be happy and useful' Tenzin Gyatso the 14th Dalai Lama See More: How to i remove the pilcrow in word document. Mar 15, 2018  In addition to the other answers, I’d like to add that making these paragraph marks (or pilcrows) visible is Word is essential for editing. If you start deleting objects, text, images, tables, etc., without being able to see these marks then you’r. May 19, 2015  Microsoft Word: How To Remove Hard Returns or Paragraph Marks; Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks - Duration: 6:47. Dawn Bjork-The Software Pro 3,314 views.

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From the start, Pages places you in the perfect creative environment. It puts all the right tools in all the right places, so it’s easy to choose a look, customize fonts, personalize text styles, and add beautiful graphics. And everyone collaborating on a document has access to the same powerful features.

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You don’t work in one place on just one device. Store your documents on iCloud and you can easily access them whether you’re on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad or even on the web using Pages for iCloud.

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Teaming up with someone who uses Microsoft Word? Pages makes it simple. You can save Pages documents as Word files. Or import and edit Word documents right in Pages. Most popular Word features are supported, too. Now it’s no problem to work on the same project. Even if you use different apps.

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Learn more about Microsoft Word compatibilityLearn more about Microsoft Word compatibility

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You can show or hide, if you see a lot of strange symbols in the document, some or all of thesesymbols by clicking the button Show/Hide ¶ (or pressing Ctrl+* orCtrl+Shift+8):


  • Each of nonprintable characters that you will see after highlighting this button, can beselected and removed from the document. Also, you can select, delete or replace alloccurrences of a particular kind of special symbols, seeReplacing special characters.
  • There are some other useful elements that you can use in a document such as bookmarks, fields,etc. You can show and hide them too, independently from the nonprinting symbols. SeeHow to show/hide bookmarks in a Word document,How to turn on or turn off highlighting off fields in a Word document.

You can selectively show only spaces in the document, only Tabulation symbols,etc. To show or hide specific nonprintable symbols, do the following:

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1. On the File tab, click the Optionsbutton:

2. In the Word Options dialog box, open theDisplay tab and then check or uncheck options as you like:

  • Tab characters or Tabulations: If you check this checkbox, all tabulationswill be shown as an arrow symbol (→):

    SeeA perfect text alignment using tabs andSetting tabs using the Tabs dialog box.

  • Spaces can differ:
    • When you type the text, usually you separate words (sentences or even syllables insome languages) by pressing the Space key (also known as Spacebar).

      Usual or common space is shown as a little dot between words:

    • To keep words together, can a Nonbreaking space (also callednon-breaking space, no-break space,non-breakable space (NBSP), hard space, orfixed space) be used. A Nonbreaking space in the Word documentlooks like a degree symbols between words:

      SeeHow to keep two or several words together in a document Word.

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    • Sometimes more specific spacing characters like Em Space, En Space or¼ Em Space are used.

      These spaces distinguish by their width:

      • Em space means a space the same width as a lowercase mcharacter.
      • En space means a space the same width as a lowercase n character.
      • ¼ Em space (also known as mid space) accordingly means aspace the same width as a lowercase m character divided by 4 -one fourth of an Em Space wide.

      Em space and En space are shown as common space, as a little dotbetween words, but with wider gaps before and after them. ¼ Em Space lookslike a vertical bar between words:

  • Paragraph marks or pilcrows (¶) represent a paragraph break.

    They are inserted by Word at the end of every paragraph. In other words, it appears everytime when you press Enter:


    1. As you can see in the example above, many of emails are formatted incorrectly. SeeHow to remove paragraph symbols for every line in Word.
    2. The paragraph mark ¶ contains all the paragraph formatting. To copy all paragraphformatting, you can select this symbol, copy it, and then paste it into anotherparagraph. The last ¶ in the document contains formatting for the last section of thedocument, or for entire document if it contains just one section.

      SeeHow to copy paragraph or numbering format without changing the text format andHow to do anything with paragraph format with keyboard.

  • Hidden text can be used in any Word document because it is a pre-defined format likeItalic or Bold. It isn't necessary to do something extra to add hidden text.

    Hidden text is shown with a dotted underline:

    SeeCheck the document for hidden information and11 Shortcut Keys to control font format.

    Notes: In contrast of other nonprinting characters, hidden text can beprinted. SeeHow to see/show a hidden text in a Word document andHow to print a hidden text in a Word document.

  • Optional hyphens are used to break specific lines of text.

    They are shown as ¬.

    For example, if a lengthy word wraps to the next line and leaves a large amount of whitespace, you can insert an optional hyphen in that specific word so that the first partappears on the first line. If the word later moves to a different position because ofediting, the optional hyphen does not print. If further editing moves the word back intoa hyphenation zone, the hyphen reappears:

    Documents To Go Premium for iPhone, iPad. You'll also be able to stay on top of your busy schedule with the My Day window that lets you view upcoming appointments. Last updated on May 11, 2017. Mac Os X Free downloads and reviews CNET Download com! Microsoft office for mac os x yosemite free download.

    SeeUsing nonbreaking and optional hyphens.

  • Object anchors are shown in a document just when you select an object.

    Any floating object in a document has an anchor that is tied to a particular paragraph. It can be moved, replaced orremoved with that paragraph like its part.

    It is possible to move any anchor to any other paragraph.

  • The Show all formatting marks checkbox mirrors the button Show/Hide ¶ that wasdescribed above. When you click to highlight that button on the ribbon or non-highlight it(or use shortcut keys for that), that checkbox will be checked or unchecked appropriately.

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Other formatting marks that you can see in the document by clicking on the Show/Hide ¶button:

  • Line breaks:

    a) As a right-angle arrow pointing to the left. This symbol can be addedto the document to start a new line, not a new paragraph, by clicking onShift+Enter:

    b) As a right-angle arrow between two vertical lines. This symbol shows thebreak that separate text around object, such as a caption text or an image from the bodytext.

  • Pagination breaks - a Column break, a Page break and a Section breakare used for the better formatting of the document:

    To add the page break, just click Ctrl+Enter.

  • Keep marks are shown as a small black bullet ■ on the margin next to the paragraph:

    Keep marks represents some of paragraph options:

    • Keep with next,
    • Keep lines together,
    • Page break before.

    SeeHow to keep lines and paragraphs together in a Word documentfor more details.

    You can open the Paragraph dialog box and see keep marks by double-clicking on theappropriate keep mark.

  • End-of-cell and End-of-row marks that you can see in tables as universalmonetary symbol or currency sign (¤) looks like a circle with four linesradiating from the corner:

    End-of-cell marks like a paragraph marks contain formatting for the last (or only)paragraph in the cell and formatting for the cell.

    End-of-row marks placed at the end of each row of a table. They contain formattingfor the row.


  • You can show or hide all these special symbols, but they are still non-printable! You canprint just some of them.
  • To delete any of these special characters, select them and press the Delete key.
  • Displaying of these special characters is very helpful for troubleshooting. If your textdoesn't break as you like, it can be because you have too many (or the wrong) paragraphs setas Keep with next.

    If your printer is adding a blank page at the end of your document, it could be because ofseveral empty paragraphs at the end that are forcing an extra page.

    If an automatic number insists on being bold even though you have applied bold formattingonly to the part of the numbered paragraph, it can be because of paragraph marks. You needto select the paragraph mark and un-bold it, since automatic bullets and numbering takeon the formatting of the paragraph mark.

See also this tip in French:Comment afficher / masquer les symboles non imprimables dans le document Word.