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Save your changes and then F7 to check your document for any spelling or grammar related errors. Once that’s done, Word will display the readability level of the document as shown in the above screenshot. It calculates scores for both Flesch Reading Ease and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. Nov 01, 2015  Check the grade level of your writing. Quick and Easy! Readability Statistics for Microsoft Word and Outlook - Microsoft Office reading level spell grammar check readability statistics. Enable Readability Statistics In Microsoft Word by Martin Brinkmann on June 04, 2011 in Tutorials - 9 comments Sometimes when you write an article, review or letter you need to take into consideration the age and education of the reader. Look for the 'Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level'. This gives you the grade level your writing is at. If your in 9th grade you should have a number near 9 or above. This came from personal experience. If you get 12.0, the grade level may be. The instrument maxes out at 12.0 on the MAC. If you have followed the instructions above and the readability statistics window does not appear, make sure. A Transcend Plain Language Tool. Your Word document’s language setting is set to.

When you’re writing a document, knowing how “readable” it is can be quite useful. There are two common tests that score readability (aka how difficult it is to understand your writing). Microsoft Word can calculate your readability scores right within the program, and it’s super easy to set up.

  • Type up your document in Word. Then click on the File menu > Options > Proofing tab.
  • Under the “When correcting spelling and grammar in Word” heading, you’ll see a box that says “Show readability statistics.” Check this box, then exit out of your options and go back to your document.
  • Now, run a standard spelling and grammar check just like you would any other time. You will then be able to see readability scores based on two tests: The first is the Flesch Reading Ease test, and the second is the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level score.
  • The higher the score on the Reading Ease test, the easier the document is thought to be to read. If your document is at least 60, it should be relatively easy to read, although you can aim for higher scores if increased readability is important to you.
  • The grade level is equivalent to the reading level of students. An 8, for example, would mean that the material is appropriate for an 8th grader. If you hit somewhere between 7 and 8, it should be very readable for the majority of people.

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APA Style in Microsoft Word for MAC


The guidelines for formatting a research paper in APA style are set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition. For consistency, these requirements will be followed in all classes and your grade may depend on the requirements listed below. Please remember to save your work often!

For detailed information about APA formatting at Rasmussen College, see the APA 6th Ed. Sample Paper that can be viewed or downloaded from http://guides.rasmussen.edu/apa.


This section contains a step-by-step example of creating a custom APA Word style.

Be sure you have selected Print Layout View.

In the Home tab, the Styles group - Manage the styles that are used inthe document in the Styles dialog box, click the New Style button.

Step 1: Select print layout view

Step 2: Home>Styles>Manage..

Step 3: Click New Style (green plus button)

In the New Style dialog box, in the Properties section

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  • Type a Name for your style, i.e. APA Style.
  • For Style type use Paragraph
  • For Style based on select Normal
  • For Style for following paragraph, use APA Style so that style continues in ensuing paragraphs

In the New Style dialog box, in the Formatting section

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What Grade Level Is My Writing Microsoft Word MacWord
  • Change font to Times New Roman
  • Change font size to 12

Activate the checkboxes near the bottom of the dialog box if you would like to include the style in new documents (Add to template) and/or add to the Quick Style list in the Ribbon (Add to Quick Style list)

Click on Format and then choose Paragraph from the drop-down list.

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In the Paragraph dialog box, set the following options:

  • Alignment,Left
  • Indentation: Special, First line
  • Spacing: Before and After, 0 (zero)
  • Spacing: Line spacing, Double

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Click OK in each of the dialog boxes.

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To use the style you created, merely select it from the list in the Styles group on the Home tab.