Microsoft Drop Down Menu Not Working Mac


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If you can't sign in to FaceTime

2018-11-30  Mac office 2016 drop down menu not displaying. Popular Topics in Microsoft Office. Think you're an IT whiz? Try and ace our quiz! An update:just tried resetting the to a new one did not work. Do you have another Mac in which you. Interacting with attachments from the drop-down menu causes one of the following scenarios: Drag & Drop attachment to the desktop does not work. Attachment preview does not work. A duplicate 'Save As' prompt is shown when choosing Save As. A duplicate deletion prompt is shown when selecting Remove. I'm running FF 20.2 on Mac OS X 10.8.3. I recently found that item in drop-down menu cannot be selected by clicking, although it can be selected by hitting 'enter' on keyboard. 2018-9-13  When I try and print from Word 2016 for mac the custom size is not listed in the drop down menu. If I create the same custom size in Word 2011 it works with out issue If I use TextEdit I can choose the custom page size in the drop down. Thank you for your time. Hello, I am using Excel for a long time. Since 2 days (probably I did some wrong shortcut key combination??) I cannot open pop-up menu with right click of the mouse. Right click works everywhere in the menus and icons of Excel, even if I select full row or column still works, but in the area where a.

Microsoft Office Drop Down Menu Not Working Mac

  • Make sure that you can sign in at Learn what to do if you forgot your Apple ID or forgot your Apple ID password.
  • Choose Apple () menu > System Preferences, then click Date & Time and select “Set date and time automatically”. Click Time Zone and make sure that the settings are correct.
  • Make sure that you've installed the latest software updates.

Microsoft Drop Down Menu Not Working Machine

If your camera or microphone doesn’t work

One of these solutions might help:

Microsoft Drop Down Menu Not Working Mac Pro

  • Quit FaceTime, then open FaceTime again.
  • Restart your Mac (Apple menu > Restart).
  • Make sure that FaceTime isn't open, then see if your camera works in another application, such as Photo Booth. If it doesn't, you know that the issue isn't related to FaceTime.
  • If you have multiple cameras or microphones connected to your Mac, check the Video menu in the FaceTime menu bar to make sure that you have the correct camera and microphone selected.

If you need help with your connection or call quality

Bootstrap Dropdown

A slow or busy Wi-Fi network might cause issues with your FaceTime call. If you experience connection alerts or low-quality audio or video:

Microsoft Drop Down Menu Not Working Mac Computer

  • Make sure that you and your recipient have a fast Wi-Fi or cellular connection. FaceTime calls over Wi-Fi require a broadband connection.
  • Check for issues that might be slowing down your connection, such as someone streaming content over your network.
  • If you have questions about your Internet speed, contact your Internet service provider.
Microsoft Drop Down Menu Not Working Mac

FaceTime is not available in all countries or regions.